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Nichrome Platinum Window Film

Nichrome Window Film

Nichrome Metalized Window Film is an all metallic silvery, mirrored window film with all metal nichrome properties. This has the ability to dramatically transform ordinary glass into a highly reflective surface. Nichrome window film further enhances driving comfort by reflecting away solar heat for cooler interior temperatures, and by reducing glare for less eye strain. The benefit of this film is that it reflects the heat rather than just absorbing it, and the glass stays cool to the touch. Another benefit is that our Nichrome metalized window film will never fade or change color over time as well as reflecting 70% of heat coming through your windows, without having the glass becoming too hot. Window tinting Nichrome metalized film provides an exceptional job at blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, preventing upholstery and dashboard from cracking and fading and keeping your vehicle cool. If you have a vehicle with a metallic color, this window film is a wonderful compliment to that finish. Nichrome window tint comes with a Lifetime Warranty against bubbling, peeling, fading and workmanship.

Fade Reduction

Your car is a valuable asset that you want to last as long as possible. Having window tinting professionally installed on your vehicle is a great way to protect your investment. Window film blocks harsh sunshine that can fade upholstery and discolor leather and vinyl. It protects car interiors from cracking and warping to keep your car looking newer longer. Window tinting also blocks windshield glare to decrease eye fatigue from direct sun and bright nighttime headlights.

UV Ray Protection

Window tinting can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that can accelerate skin aging and cause skin cancer. Did you know that clear window film or a light tint can block out both damaging UV rays? Research shows that 53% of skin cancers occur on the left side of the body, which correlates to the driver’s side. People who drive for an extended time, can benefit from window tint protection because it provides a critical advantage to protect you against serious health risks.

Privacy & Security

Window tinting comes in a wide range of shades to provide the right level of privacy for you and your passengers. When you park the car, you can walk away and know that prying eyes cannot see your valuables inside.

The benefits of installing window tint include more than simply improving the aesthetics of your car. It also adds to your peace of mind when you want to protect your vehicle.