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Xpel Paint Protection

3M Pro / Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection

3M / Xpel paint protection film (Clear Bra) is a nearly invisible, ultra-durable urethane film that is semi-permanently installed much like window tint, and can be removed at any time. It protects your vehicle’s paint finish from harsh road conditions. Clear Bra is especially popular here in Colorado because it protects from chips caused by a large amount of gravel dumped on our winter roads each year and your vehicles finish really taking the brunt of these conditions.

3M Pro Paint Protection

Xpel Ultimate+ Paint Protection

Stones, sand, road debris, and bug acids eat away at one of your biggest investments. Having a professionally installed Clear Bra protects against the harsh conditions that typically cause permanent damage. Here at Colorado Auto Tint, our team is 3M & Xpel certified and guarantees that you will receive the highest quality products and craftsmanship. Let us help protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking as shiny and new as the day it rolled off the showroom floor. Check out the image below for example areas that you can protect with Clear Bra. Check out the image below for example areas that you can protect with Clear Bra)

3M / Xpel – Protect your vehicle from damaging and erosive rocks & minerals that you encounter while driving. Colorado Auto Tint is your best choice for Colorado’s clear bra installation. We are a locally owned business with certified installers. We provide free estimates for any type of motor vehicle and our products come with a Lifetime Warranty to give you peace of mind.