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Smoked Tail Lights

Restoring Your Headlights

Your headlights fade over the years. This diminishes the capability of your headlights, resulting in lower visibility at night, and makes it look ugly. Fading headlights can be restored and look good as new if you visit Colorado Auto Tint. Headlight restoration is a fairly quick process that allows us to bring out the shine in your headlights and taillights; call us today to set an appointment (720) 925-8558

The headlights on modern cars are made of a polycarbonate plastic rather than glass. This durable plastic protects the bulb and improves the car’s aerodynamics. However, this material is porous, so it must have a protective layer over it. As your car is exposed to the environment this protective layer wears away due to exposure to chemicals and sunlight, leaving the plastic layer unprotected and prone to oxidation. This, and physical damage such as dent and scratches, causes the fogginess that you see on some headlights.

Headlight Restoration