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Window Tint & Xpel Paint Protection

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on every window film we carry.


Xpel Automotive Window Tint

Colorado Auto Tint is a locally owned and operated company with over 27+ years of industry experience.
We are located in Castle Rock, CO 80104.

Window Tint comes in a wide range of shades that can provide an ample amount of privacy for you and your passengers. When you park your car, you can walk away knowing that prying eyes won’t see valuables inside.

If you’ve battled finding the right level of air conditioning for your passengers, window tinting is a great solution to this dilemma. Depending on the grade of film you choose from us, you can block anywhere from 55% to 98% heat rejection that builds up in your car. You can balance comfort and climate for everyone and reduce fuel consumption from overusing your air conditioning.

Xpel Window Film can block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that can accelerate skin aging and cause skin cancer. Research shows that 53% of skin cancers in the U.S. occur on the left side of the body, which correlates to the driver’s side of the car.
Window Tint Castle Rock

Colorado Auto Tint, LLC  | 2274 Manatt Ct Ste A5 | Castle Rock, CO 80104


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Window Tint

Colorado Auto Tint provides the highest quality films in the window tinting industry. With our certified installers and Lifetime warranty we can install window tint that provides up to 99% UV protection.

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Paint Protection

Xpel Paint Protection Films – Protect your vehicle from damaging and erosive rocks & minerals that you encounter while driving. Colorado Auto Tint is your best choice for Colorado’s clear bra installation.

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Gift Certificates

At Colorado Auto Tint, we understand the joy of giving the perfect gift. That’s why we are excited to announce that our gift certificates are available all year round! Surprise your loved ones with the gift of enhanced driving comfort, improved aesthetics, and increased privacy for their vehicles.

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Window Tint Removal

All car window tint/film deteriorates with age and has to be removed. Two of the most common symptoms of dying film are the dreaded “purple film” and the “bubbling film”.

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Custom Banners

Custom: Vinyl Banners & Lettering
Shipping is available within the USA.


Paint Protection Deposit is Required

When you’re booking an appointment to install paint protection film on your vehicle, we ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit. This deposit is necessary because we reserve two days in our schedule to install the protection, and any missed appointments

How Long Will My Appointment Take?

Wondering about the duration of your window tinting appointment for your vehicle? Here's what you need to know: Please plan accordingly for your appointment. While we do have a waiting room available, we recommend dropping off your vehicle for a

Before Your Window Tint Appointment

Before bringing your vehicle for a tinting appointment, there are some requirements and recommendations to ensure a smoother process and a cleaner installation. Clean Your Vehicle: A clean car greatly aids in achieving a high-quality tint job. At the very

Is Paint Protection Film For Me?

Absolutely! Paint protection film (PPF) is an excellent investment for anyone looking to safeguard their vehicle's exterior. Whether you're a daily commuter, weekend adventurer, or car enthusiast, PPF offers unparalleled protection against the elements, such as rock chips, scratches, bird

Installing Film Over existing Aftermarket Tint

If you've purchased a vehicle from a private party or dealership and find that the existing aftermarket tint isn't dark enough for your liking, you may be tempted to overlay another layer of film to achieve a darker appearance. However,