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Protecting Your Window Film: Preventing Damage from Seat Belt Impacts

We’d like to remind you of the importance of handling your newly installed window film.

When exiting the vehicle in a hurry, it’s common to quickly release the seat belt.
However, doing so before it fully retracts can result in the metal buckle impacting the window. This collision may cause damage to the window film, resulting in chips or scratches. We advise you to exercise caution when releasing your seat belt to prevent such incidents.

Furthermore, please be mindful of tapping the glass with your accessories, such as wedding rings or keys, when buckling or unbuckling the seat belt.
This action can potentially damage the window film.

Thank you for your attention to these important details, and we appreciate your efforts in preserving the quality of your vehicle’s window film.

We provide an Extended Warranty option for one year, available at a discounted rate of $129, specifically covering the retention of two front windows at any time within the 12-month period.
This offer is exclusively valid when purchased on the day of installation.

The warranty includes a maximum of one reinstallation during the year for two windows with the same brand of film purchased on the installation day.
This installation service includes the removal and replacement of window film in case of damage caused by factors such as ring damage, scratches, or seat belt nicks.